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Providing industry leading smart EV charging solutions for sites and fleets of any size.

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Park & Recharge, working with sites of any size to make Electric Vehicle charging simple and accessible.

With over 15 years of industry knowledge and experience, including operating EV charging networks for some of the UK’s most critical fleets, we have a wealth of knowledge to help your sites successfully prepare for the electric vehicle revolution.

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Park & Recharge works with most EV chargers meaning you can install any hardware that suits you.

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Chargepoint Operators

Our industry leading chargepoint operating system, Hubeleon makes managing your charging easy.

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We are here to support you and your users throughout their charging journey with UK based support staff.

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When you buy a charger from Park & Recharge rest assured that every charger is Smart.

All chargers we retail are smart and will comply with the UK Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations. We take care of all the necessary paperwork to record the compliance at the point of sale and ensure that your access through the app will display the correct information to users to make the charge points simple to use in compliance with off peak charging and randomized delay requirements. Also, where you have elected to install DC charging equipment and make your equipment available to the public for paid use, we will ensure that they allow all day round use.

Why do chargers need to be Smart?

Electric vehicle charge points sold in Great Britain for private (domestic or workplace) use are being regulated to help manage the increase in electricity demand from the transition to electric vehicles. The regulations (UKEVSCPR) ensure charge points have smart functionality, allowing the charging of an electric vehicle when there is less demand on the grid, or when more renewable electricity is available. The regulations also ensure that charge points meet certain device-level requirements, enabling a minimum level of access, security and information for consumers The regulations come into force on 30 June 2022, apart from the security requirements set out in Schedule 1 of the regulations, which come into force on 30 December 2022.

How do Park & Recharge ensure the chargers are Smart?

Park & Recharge (or the use of our Hubeleon CPMS) support charge point manufacturers to comply with the regulations through the features our platform provides and the processes and documentation we follow during commissioning, in service life/operation. We ensure our customers chargers are Smart because:

  • We only procure charge points that we assess meet the charge point specific requirements of the UKEVSCPR.
  • Every charger we sell is fully pre-commissioned, with correct settings and the Park & Recharge (Hubeleon CPMS) UKEVSCPR back-office pre-installed, before it is dispatched to the customer, being correctly configured to meet the regulation.
  • Our 4G connected charge points are operated via SIM cards featuring IPSEC VPN encryption security.

Case Studies

Pre Commission Service

As part of a new service to simplify installing charge points Park & Recharge offered to pre-commission the charging infrastructure prior to installation.

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Dynamic Demand Controller

The installer’s site survey showed that the peak demand is 195kVA. As such they could not use all four 100kw rapid chargers at full capacity without causing a power failure.

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National Grid

Park & Recharge have been operating National Grid Electricity Distribution’s EV charging network infrastructure since 2016.

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Should I buy my chargers or look for a fully funded option?

A comparison of owning your EV infrastructure versus the concession model.

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