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Pre Commission Service

A Holiday Park purchased charging infrastructure through an installer. The park were keen to have ten charge points installed and charge users for the electricity consumed from day one. As part of a new service to simplify installing charge points Park & Recharge offered to pre-commission the charging infrastructure prior to installation.

This service includes

  • Electrical testing of the unit
  • Installing and testing SIM
  • Setting configuration of charger so it can talk and be controlled on our back office platform, Hubeleon
  • Creating device on Hubeleon and testing controllability
  • Setting RFID card and whitelist settings
  • Apply serialized user instruction decal
  • Record charge point owners compliance settings for the Smart Charging Points Regulation 2021 – 1467.
  • Pallett shipment of repackaged chargers to site

As part of the new EV charging regulations a charge point must have smart functionality from the first time the charge point is used. Testing at our workshop allowed us to verify this before installation.

Our pre commissioning service eradicated teething issues on a new site. As a charge point operator with the end user in mind the last thing we want is for a new user to come across an inoperable charger that hadn’t been completely set up yet. Furthermore, this service decreased the amount of time that the installer was kept on site. All that was required was a quick phone call to inform us that the charger was now on and for us to perform our final checks.

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