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Supplying and installing fleet charging services for

Trusted provider since 2016

Park & Recharge have been operating National Grid Electricity Distribution’s (formerly Western Power Distribution) EV charging network infrastructure since 2016.

This started with an initial installation of 30 AC charging units and grew to over 130 AC and DC charging units by 2022. We have facilitated significant network growth and played a crucial role in an ambitious installation programme led by their Transport Department, allowing fleet and staff users to access seamless charging across their large geographical area.

More than just charge point operator

  • Secure fleet, company car, staff and visitor user group operations.
  • RFID card, RFID fob and App access control.
  • Full owner and user support services, including training provision.
  • Remote and on-site fault diagnostic with rectification services.
  • Robust annual maintenance, reactive repair and replacement services.

Partnering with UK based electrical engineering company Rock Power Connections

In 2021 we partnered with Rock Power Connections for installation and maintenance services to offer a holistic service to the customer, covering everything from operation to annual maintenance and fault repair.

Under this contract, we have assisted with: annual maintenance of the customer network, performing servicing works on AC and DC equipment to manufacturer specification; identifying and resolving network-wide warranty issues with manufacturers; replacement of out of warranty charging units that have faulted beyond economical repair; and consultation on hardware choices for new installations. As our customer’s infrastructure grows, we continue to be dynamic to deliver reliable, safe, and accessible charging for their fleet and staff. 

Our products and services have offered all the key features of an industry-leading Charge Point Operator, but with added benefits such as:

  • Customer-branded apps
  • User and owner training on operation and basic maintenance of chargers
  • Self-service reporting of KPI’s
  • Revenue and energy usage
  • A driver support team that has hands on experience with EV technology.

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