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WiCET: First wireless electric taxi charging rank goes live

By October 17, 2022No Comments

First wireless electric taxi charging rank goes live

Park and Recharge solution will run the WiCET wireless demonstrator in Nottingham . Where people are now able to ride in unique taxis that have been specially modified with the latest, highly efficient, wireless charging technology, to make them easier for drivers to recharge.

Park & Recharge are constantly innovating to offer our customers the best solutions for their network. We are excited to have developed the system to manage wireless charging as the latest addition to our portfolio of supported chargers.

The Wireless Charging of Electric Taxis (WiCET) trial is a government funded project that has installed wireless charging equipment on to electric hackney carriages and into a taxi rank in Nottingham. For this ‘first of its kind’ trial in the UK, five wireless ground transmitter pad systems have been installed at the main taxi rank near the train station, and nine electric hackney carriages have been retrofitted with wireless receiver pads – five LEVC TX Taxis, and four Nissan Dynamo taxis.

Electrification of taxi fleets in congested city areas is a crucial step in the reduction of transport emissions and improving air quality. However, the time taken for high-mileage taxi drivers to recharge can lower the driver’s earning potential.