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Park & Recharge

Park & Recharge, working with sites of any size to make Electric Vehicle charging simple and accessible. With over 15 years of industry knowledge and experience, including operating EV charging networks for some of the UK’s most critical fleets, we have a wealth of knowledge to help your sites successfully prepare for the electric vehicle revolution.

With outstanding EV charging, you can maximise EV driver footfall to your site. Stand out from the crowd by offering existing and new customers the opportunity to Park & Recharge whilst enjoying your services.


Designing your installation

Regardless of the size of your site, we work with you to design a fully compliant EV charging system to suit your needs. If you know what you want, just tell us and we will deliver your vision to the highest quality. If you need help understanding your options our consultancy and feasibility services give you the most cost-effective systems with the best engineering solution.

Installed to the highest standards

With our approved installation partners, we will ensure safety and quality are maintained throughout. Our virtual and physical surveys are designed so that we get it right for you the first time, every time.

Getting you started

We work with you and your drivers to help with the transition to EV, ensuring an effective and informed rollout of services. Using our industry experience, we can offer virtual and personal training on the use of hardware and software.

Maximising charging efficiency

We design your infrastructure to be smart and consider the future with an easily scalable system, ready to expand when needed with minimal disruption. We also work with you to understand your fleet and driver needs to determine how smart charging can save energy, money and comply with the latest regulations.



We design and develop our own products, from chargers to management system software, right here in the UK. This means we can support you and be on hand to assist if needed to keep you moving.

Load management systems

Our experience in producing hardware for demand-constrained connections means that we can keep your vehicles charging and the lights on. With options tailored by you to your requirements.

Providing the chargers you need

From overnight to on-the-fly charging, we offer a range of products to suit your needs. Our range of high-quality charging products offers versatility for the electrified future, arriving at site fully pre-commissioned for an easy plug-and-play approach. Whether installing yourself or through one of our partner installation companies, we make the go-live process as simple as possible to get you charging.

One system to manage all your chargers

We are hardware agnostic and offer a range of interoperability with manufacturers across the industry, which means we can also adopt your existing charge points to our management systems, seamlessly integrating these with any new chargers.


Charge Point Management System

Our Hubeleon CPMS will give you easy access to the operation, security, analytics, reporting and revenue recovery from your chargers. We give you control to ensure only the drivers you choose can access your chargers, from fleet to staff or customers.

Fault management

Our support systems will alert you to problems with your chargers and guide you on how to resolve issues, providing diagnostic information to speed up repair and recovery. Choose from comprehensive pro-active and re-active maintenance packages to retain charge point reliability whilst focusing your energy on your site.

Revenue recovery

We offer a range of options to help you audit energy usage, recover electricity costs, or produce revenue from your chargers. We seamlessly manage all the payments for using the chargers securely and can also facilitate fleet/departmental charging consolidation where needed.

Supporting you

We offer support for each step of the way from the installer to the operator and driver. Our support team know our products in depth and will ensure that your charge points keep the power flowing and your drivers moving.


Easy renewal

Continue to enjoy Park & Recharge by automatically renewing your annual service or making some changes, there is no obligation to remain locked to your initial preferences. Change your service options to meet the needs of your developing site.

Understand your network

We provide an annual summary report and take the time to review it with you, helping you understand what works well and finding recommendations for improvements.


Using network analytics and past behaviours we can make recommendations on how to optimise your network and make the most of your initial investment, ensuring you fully optimise the services you use today and in the future.


We can advise you on your annual maintenance requirements, or even deliver these if you wish. A robust pro-active maintenance programme is the best way to get the most from your initial investment, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your charge points.

Start your low-carbon journey today

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